Saturday, October 25, 2008

There is NO struggle, no burden, no stronghold that is too big for Him... just cry out to Jesus!!!

Another awesome song... let this speak to your heart...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Lord put on my heart a few months ago to start a design group... He even gave me the name...but I just put this whole thing on a shelf! Thinking that I really do NOT have the time for one more thing on my plate! KWIM?? Well... even though it was shelfed the thought of it just did not leave me alone... the name of the group in particualr kept popping up in my thoughts OFTEN!! So, I prayerfully pursued it!! =) We are now just over three weeks into it and we have a wonderful group of ladies that the Lord almost effortlessly placed in this group... what is our name?? I'm glad you asked... TheVine boutique!! Here are our awesome designers...
We are a "different" style of a design group... our common denominator is Jesus!! We are all Christians... we are encouraging eachother to keep our priorites in order, we pray for one another and encourage eachother in the Lord... and we all love to design!! We are really having a lot of fun already and we have barely begun!! =) Look for our first official launch in the begining of November!!

My newest design is up for auction right now... this set was a BLAST!!! Of course this one is mine... my daughter will wear it for Christmas!! =) Have a blessed weekend!!