Sunday, February 24, 2008

Four little ones...FREE time???

OK, so I have four little sweeties running around... and somehow its just not all about ME right now!!! (Can you believe that)!?

I have tons of designs in my head and tons already sketched!! I always think "tomorrow I will definitely make it to my studio to work" and then the next day comes and I think the same thing!! LOL... SO, for now I work on my designs as I can... things wont always be this wild!! (And you know... I will actually MISS this wildness someday)!!!

My children are 5, almost 4, just 2, and 4 months!! My husband tells me that if we have one more they (who is they anyway?) will make me get a day care licence!! LOL!! Hes real funny isn't he! Read my me page to find out the whole scoop on my family!! =)

SO... anyway I hope you enjoy my blog!! I have several new designs in the making and two ready for photoshoot... so keep stopping in!! Lots happening here... and LOTS to come over the next couple of months!!

Have a wonderful Lords day (its Sunday guys) ... I am thankful to Him for another beautiful day, He is SO good!!

Charity <><