Sunday, June 29, 2008

There is NEVER a dull moment in this home!!
My oldest daughter Hope (yes, I said oldest...of four) has been waiting and waiting and waiting... NOT so patiently to lose her first tooth! She will be 6 at the end of July, and her younger (by 9 mo.) cousin whom she loves dearly lost her first tooth already... Hopey, needless to say, was crushed!!

So... to make a long story shorter we will skip ahead... Finally last weekend she DID lose her first tooth!! YAY!! We were all so excited!!! SO, we told Hopey that when she goes to bed she puts her tooth under her pillow and Mommy and Daddy will leave her a special suprise that she will wake up and find!! My husband says to me "Hon, we shouldnt do that, Faith will take Hopeys tooth", I say "No, she will fall asleep and forget about it"

Faith is our precious WILD, VERY strong willed four year old!

SO, we are all in bed... 2 AM.... Hopey enters the scene... sobbing...and I quote "Faith took my tooth" She was broken hearted!! SO... after laying there hearing how broken hearted my little girl is I decide to go and turn the light on and find that tooth!! I rolled Faith over, and there it is under her!!

...It's now 7ish am... Faith enters the scene as usual (last to sleep, first to wake every day) she climbs in bed with me as usual, I say "Faith I need to talk to you... Hopey came in my room last night crying very hard. Someone took her tooth".... I am getting this WHO would do such a thing look from her, so I KNOW she is not about to confess!!! So I say "Faith WHY did you take Hopeys tooth??" She says SOOOO dramatically "Mommy, that tooth was special to me too" I am now trying not to laugh as she continues " I want to lose my first tooth and get a special suprise too".

So... how about my four year old REALLY thought this through... she had to lay there and wait it out for Hopey to fall asleep and stay focused and awake and then go snag the tooth!!!! Did she think he who has the tooth when they fall asleep is the one that gets the suprise??? Who knows, but this little ones does these kind of things to us all the time, I could write a book on her!!! I often say 'I have four children, but Faith is almost ALL of my work" Enough said!!! =) She is either cracking us up or she is in BIG trouble! =) And we LOVE that girl to pieces!!!!!